Tankless electric water heater
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Zhongshan Chongde Electric Co, Ltd is a high-tech company which is specialized in instant, constant temperature water heater and fittings, also the combination of development, manufacturer, sales and services.
We have been devoted to technology innovation on safety, energy saving of electric water heater since built in 2006. Thanks to our powerful technology, advanced facility and professional engineers, our company is leading the water heater industry to safer, more energy saving direction. Break through the traditional concept of electric water heater, embrace the modern fast-paced home life with brand new concept"Automatic hot water, handy, healthy and energy saving".
Perfect combination of technology and fashion make our products flawless:Classic and luxurious design, instant heating function, excellent quality and Service. Zhongshan Chongde Electric Co. Ltd full adopt modern management, our products have CCC, CB, CE, TUV certifications, and insured by China Pacific Insurance Company. We built the soul of every product with full heart, win customers trust with value
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